Bae Louie



Bae Louie radiates youth and energy unlike few others! The band released their first single, «Wonderful» in may 2018, and were even played by Norwegian radio before the release. Bae Louie has played support gigs for Bernhoft on his tour in Norway in 2018. In addition to this they have played at big Norwegian festivals like Slottsfjell and KlubbØya and they have played many crowded gigs at scenes in Oslo.

Singer Mirjam Omdal, known from both D’Sound and The Voice, delivers strong soul performances and wild, energetic stage presence. The band frames it all in with groovy beats, basslines that bounces just like in the good old days of Motown and synth sounds inspired from its greatest era: the 80’s, combined with organic piano and rhodes. They make hip-hop and soul inspired pop, aka Urban, and are inspired by artists like Anderson, Paak, Michael Jackson, Emily King, Moonchild, James Blake etc.

Bae Louie’s members are Mirjam Omdal on vocal, Stian Stapnes on drums, Marcus Nilsen on keys and Arild Strøm on the bass.

Musikkprofil is booking concerts for Bae Louie all year around. The band is currently scheduled to tour the following countries in the upcoming periods. Let us know if you are interested in booking them!





FEB. 13.- 17.

APRIL 10.- 14.





The upcoming concerts for 2019 will be released January 1st. 

Stay tuned!