TRUE NORWEGIAN FOLK ROCK is what you can call Bergtatt. Bergtatt brings to stage a rock solid rockshow with an amazing vocalist and old norwegian folk instruments in front which gives them a unique scandinavian sound. Bergtatt´s music varies from driving and suggestive rock to magical and mystical soundscapes.

Bergtatt stands out from other bands with their unusual mix of instruments. Their last album recieved great critics all over scandinavia. The record was recorded in the legendary Crystal Canyon Studio which have worked with bands like Ulver and Nidingr. Their debut album was released in 2009 and recorded at the legendary Mølla Lydstudio by Knut Magne Valle from Arcturus.He has also worked with bands like Mayhem, Ulver and Aura Noir.  

Bergtatt also plays acoustic shows that fits smaller venues. Electric guitars are replaced with acoustic guitars and drumset with percussion. 

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The upcoming concerts for 2019 will be released January 1st. 

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