Eplemøya Songlag


Eplemøya Songlag was founded in 2006 and has since noted its unique cappella music in the border between jazz song and kveding. With their distinctive mix of Norwegian folk music, drama, daring voice, humor and bizarre stories, they sang into many of the debut album “Eplemøya Songlag” in 2010. Eplemøya Songlag is always on the lookout for the good story of relevance to modern man – whether it is of a very old age or more recent date. The group’s second edition “Møya og myten” is based on Norwegian and international stories, myths and hiking stories. The stories are presented by old and new texts. It is always the Norwegian folk music that forms the basis, but she also hears tracks of several musical styles and folk music expressions from other parts of the world.

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The upcoming concerts for 2019 will be released January 1st. 

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