Espen Berg Trio



Named JAZZ JAPAN’s biggest and most important discovery in the first half of 2016, the Norwegian jazz trio Espen Berg Trio released their second album, «Bølge» (Blue Gleam/Odin Records), in March 2018. This release has been marked by extensive touring in Japan, the Faroe Islands, Norway, Greece, Estonia, China and Spain. Widely recognized singer Silje Nergaard joined the trio in Japan as their guest artist. JAZZWISE (UK) writes that «Bølge» is a mature statement from an artist whose personal style, concept and seemingly bottomless wellspring of ideas set him apart from his contemporaries.

Espen’s melodic and rhythmically complex music serves as the basis for EBT’s dynamic, spontaneous and temperamental interplay. He is joined by the highly talented and hard working musicians Bárður Reinert Poulsen and Simon Olderskog Albertsen, known from other bands such as Wako, The Fjords, Adeln and Aperture. They contribute with a personal approach and bring depth and variety to Espen’s compositions.

Musikkprofil is booking concerts for Espen Berg Trio all year around. The band is currently scheduled to tour the following countries in the upcoming periods. Let us know if you are interested in booking them!





APRIL 8.-14.

MAY 10.-26.





The upcoming concerts for 2019 will be released January 1st. 

Stay tuned!