Tord Gustavsen

The Other Side


What do you get if you combine Robert Wyatt and Syd Barrett’s melodies with the very best from the 70’s fusion and the playful feeling of early Weather Report? Put in some grooves of Return to Forever, and finally add a slice of the classy and thoughtful songwriting of progrock legends like Caravan and Camel? Well, you might not get the latest Needlepoint-album, but at least we’re close.

A lot of these references were explored on the band’s previous album “Aimless Mary”, but on “The Diary of Robert Reverie” they embrace them even more – it’s effortless, enthusiastic and playful. Olaf Olsen’s drums are even more present, and dynamically swirls up the songs, while David Wallumrød plays the keys with an organic nerve as if the sound came from the earth itself. Everything is supervised by producer and bassplayer Nikolai Hængsle, who is not afraid to turn on the fuzz when needed not unlike Soft Machine, still there’s melody in each bass line. At the same time maestro and songwriter Bjørn Klakegg’s guitar floats all over it and keeps it together ranging from soft jazzheat to wild rock heroism.

Many of the lyrics are inspired by the environment around Bjørns place in Sweden, and the main character Robert, a dreamy individual, is also inspired by the nice, sometimes strange people in the small village. Bjørn’s older brother Rune Klakegg has illustrated the cover.

Bjørn Klakegg – gitar, vokal
David Wallumrød – clavinet, orgel, Prohet 5
Nikolai Hængsle Eilertsen – bass
Olaf Olsen – trommer

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