Sudan Dudan

Heimen der ute


Five years have passed since Marit Karlberg and Anders Røine released the album Inntil i dag. Music critics were ecstatic. Small publications and broad national newspapers were all full of words of praise and top ratings. “The year’s best Norwegian album” is a big statement for a little duo from folk music land.

The two modest musicians don’t allow themselves to be dazzled. They are just as content (if not more) in their musical lair as in the limelight. This time they eschewed professional studios in favour of a summer mountain farm in Valdres and a mountain church in Telemark. Behind barricades of large wooden tables standing on end, covered with old mattresses, they created a space for the music in which interplay, improvisation, and intimacy are the most important qualities. The new album was recorded live in this homemade tipi.

Sudan Dudan has a faithful audience within the folk music community. Both Karlberg and Røine have a solid foothold in traditional music via song, langeleik, fiddle, and Jew’s harp. Like many other musical constellations, they are also inspired by other genres such as country and bluegrass, as well as desert blues and hymns. This is also evident on Heimen der ute.

In 2016 Anders Røine received a Norwegian Grammy Award (Spellemannprisen) for the album Kristine Valdresdatter. He created music for the silent film of the same name in collaboration with Marit Karlberg, among others. The production was a commission from the folk music festival, Jørn Hilme-stemnet.

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