Toini and The Tomcats


Toini & the Tomcats have been playing together for over twenty years – without replacements. This is a solid band that has never entered into artistic compromises and really believes in what they are dealing with. Genuine and self-produced rock’n’roll and rockabilly interpreted by talented, playful, inventive musicians who are not afraid to exceed genres or challenge themselves and the audience. Through twenty-five years of gaming, tournament and studio activities, the band has evolved in line with time and changing life stages. Toini & the Tomcats’ energetic live performance has wide appeal and the audience comes in all shapes and ages.

The band has markets in many countries, both where they have never set foot (Japan), and where they have danced diligently (USA, Finland, The Netherlands), where they stand out with songs that require a little more of audience and reflects the band’s ambitious attitude towards themselves and the genres. They like to flirt as if with jazz – and are strong followers that good music is good music.

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The upcoming concerts for 2019 will be released January 1st. 

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