Tord Gustavsen The Other Side   Spotify Homepage BIO AVAILABILITY SHOWS BIO What do you get if you combine Robert Wyatt and Syd Barrett’s melodies with the very best from the 70’s fusion and the playful feeling of early Weather Report? Put in some grooves of Return to Forever, and finally add a slice of … Read more

Torun Eriksen

Torun Eriksen Luxury and Waste Spotify Youtube Homepage BIO AVAILABILITY SHOWS BIO Torun Eriksen’s “Luxury and Waste”, her sixth solo album at Jazzland Rec, explores familiar territory in an utterly unfamiliar way. Where her previous album “Grand White Silk” flirted with arrangements of grandeur, she turns now in the opposite direction and gives us new … Read more

Kaada : Storløkken

Kaada : Storløkken   Youtube BIO AVAILABILITY SHOWS BIO Vossa Jazz has asked two of the country’s most distinctive, exciting and acclaimed composers to write new music to Vossa Jazz 2019: John Erik Kaada and Ståle Storløkken!Pianist, multi-instrumentalist and composer John Erik Kaada is a special musician. It is said that he owns about 500 … Read more