Toini and The Tomcats

Toini and The Tomcats   Spotify Youtube Homepage BIO AVAILABILITY SHOWS BIO Toini & the Tomcats have been playing together for over twenty years – without replacements. This is a solid band that has never entered into artistic compromises and really believes in what they are dealing with. Genuine and self-produced rock’n’roll and rockabilly interpreted … Read more

Moon Hooch

Moon Hooch   Spotify Youtube Homepage BIO AVAILABILITY SHOWS BIO This explosive and inventive horn- and percussion-based trio have made great success in just a few years. From playing on New York City subway platforms to touring with the likes of Beats Antique, They Might Be Giants, and Lotus, the band uses everything they’ve learned … Read more

Andreas Ihlebæk

Andreas Ihlebæk The Guest   Spotify Youtube Homepage BIO AVAILABILITY SHOWS BIO Following the release, Ihlebæk played music from The Guest at the 2017 Nobel Peace Prize, and performed the piece in its entire as part of the 40th anniversary of Oslo Concert Hall – home to the Oslo Philharmonic. His live concerts draw full … Read more


Orango The Mules of Nana   Spotify Youtube Homepage BIO AVAILABILITY SHOWS BIO Known for their high-energy live perfomances, Orango has emerged as one of the most active, developed and sought-after bands for festivals, clubs and student venues throughout Norway. Now they are determined to expand their reach to locations in Europe.Purveyors of honest and … Read more

Anne Hytta

Anne Hytta Spotify Youtube Homepage BIO AVAILABILITY SHOWS BIO Anne Hytta (born 1974) is a performer and composer of the Hardanger Fiddle, a fiddle with sympathetic strings and its own repertoire of traditional tunes. Her background is deeply founded in the highly distinctive playing style of the repertoire of traditional tunes for the Hardanger fiddle, … Read more

Sudan Dudan

Sudan Dudan Heimen der ute Spotify Youtube Homepage BIO AVAILABILITY SHOWS BIO Five years have passed since Marit Karlberg and Anders Røine released the album Inntil i dag. Music critics were ecstatic. Small publications and broad national newspapers were all full of words of praise and top ratings. “The year’s best Norwegian album” is a … Read more


TeleGram Spotify Youtube Homepage BIO AVAILABILITY SHOWS BIO TeleGram consists of four musicians playing “folk-inspired acoustic chamber pop”! Cello, violin, mandolin and banjo along with different guitars give their music a rich sonic pallet. You hear melody lines that echo the old school soul music as well as strong impulses from the world of dusty … Read more

Siril Malmedal Hauge

Siril Malmedal Hauge Uncharted Territory Youtube BIO AVAILABILITY SHOWS BIO Siril Malmedal Hauge is a new and exciting voice on the Norwegian stage. She is a sought after and versatile vocalist, active in a variety of projects as both vocalist and instrumentalist. She has strong roots in the jazz tradition, and is known for her … Read more


Mosambique SoundCloud SoundCloud BIO AVAILABILITY SHOWS BIO Be prepared for a musical vitamin boost! Mosambique is the band that gets people down from the bar stools and out onto the dance floor! Ivan Blomqvist (keys), the songwriter behind the successful band, Rohey, has put together some of the most promising young jazz musicians Norway has … Read more


Eberson Empathy   Youtube BIO AVAILABILITY SHOWS BIO Two generations Eberson has collaborated on an exciting musical collaboration. Father and daughter – Jon and Marte – are now ready with the album “Empathy”. Through Empathy, the duo will express the importance of supporting each other in the face of adversity and difficult times. Through various … Read more